Susan's Story

So I bet your wondering how did Susan get into the record books?  Well lets hear it straight from the source

"I looked up the old record of bubble-blowing which was 17" Inches & The Bubble Yum company held contests every summer in major shopping malls, when I called and told them I could blow a   20 + bubble with just three pieces and of course they didn't believe me, I asked them to mail me a list of all the contests gumming up in the summer, and none where in California, the nearest one was in JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA and so some friends who knew I could blow a bigger bubble paid for my trip down to Jacksonville"

"Well when I walked into the mall, blowing a big basketball size bubble with one breath and no trouble, they asked me "Are you the girl that called and said you can break the record" I said "Yes!" then they said "Will you please get up here and blow your bubble last?" So I don't scare off all the "Gum-testants" I said what do I get if I do....they said a lifetime supply of bubblegum as long as I hold the record! "

During that contest Susan blew a 19 1/4 bubble....and could have been much bigger if they had a bigger "GUM-PUTER"

Susan must have a pretty good stock pile of gum, because she has held that record since 1979 all the way to today. Breaking the record with a 21 inch, 22 inch and a 24 inch bubble.  To this day Susan is waiting for some GUM-PETITION for her title as Bubble blowing queen!

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